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One way to keep employees safe, not productive, but safe!

Anti-bird cage designed and fabricated by Safetymods to stop

possums and birds from attacking our customers fruit trees

Costs of work-related injuries and accidents for 2021 from the National Statistics Council:-

The total cost of work injuries in 2021 was       $167.0 billion.

This figure includes 

Wage and productivity losses  of                          $47.4 billion

Medical expenses of                                             $36.6 billion

Administrative expenses of                                   $57.5 billion. 

Days lost due to injuries in 2021 totalled               70,000,000.

This estimate includes the actual time lost during the year from disabling injuries, but excludes time lost on the day of the injury, time required for further medical treatment, or check-ups following the injured person’s return to work.

An additional 33,000,000 days were lost in 2021 due to permanently disabling injuries that occurred in prior years

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